At Biolage, sustainability is an everyday promise!

We strive to do our part to help the planet by making wise choices in our formulations, packaging and partnerships.

Since 2015, every bottle has been 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR), using the highest amount of recycled plastic possible. Minimizing our plastic impact is a priority.

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This year

To celebrate Earth Month, we've partnered with Plastic Bank to help fight ocean-bound plastic and raise awareness..

We believe that together we can
make beauty sustainable


Earth month, celebrated in April, is an important global event to support environmental protection and take concrete actions that contribute to taking care of our planet.

This year Biolage is contributing to this event in partnership with Plastic Bank with it's limited edition Earth Kit duos. With every purchase of our duo shampoo and conditioner, you will be contributing to prevent 1Kg of plastic from polluting our oceans.

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The waste collection and recycling is done in Haiti, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, and most recently Egypt, where there are extremely high rates of plastic pollution and poverty. These are countries where the lack of disposal infrastructure and the increased reliance on single-use packaging results in a disproportionate amount of pollution.

By giving kindness to your hair, YOU have the power to help us fight plastic pollution in our oceans and improve the lives of the collecting communities. Help make our planet a cleaner place.

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The Plastic Bank builds ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities to end plastic in the oceans and alleviate poverty. They fight against ocean-bound plastic while improving the lives of those who participate in its collection. The collected materials are then processed to reintroduce them into the global supply chain. Locals can collect waste from beach or land and in exchange they receive money or social benefits.

To date, Plastic Bank has prevented more than 1.5 billion plastic bottles from ending up in the ocean.

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The Biolage commitments

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Who is Plastic Bank?

Help save the ocean and end poverty.

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